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Roger Oates

Roger Oates is considered to be one of todays must-have design staples for floors and stairs in the UK and Globe. The Polished Floor and Carpet Company are delighted to be Warwickshire's recommended retailer for Roger Oates, with their showroom displaying Roger Oates fabulous designs and ranges.

Roger and Fay Oates spent over two decades perfecting their techniques and designs and their Venetian Flatweave is a collection of over one hundred designs. A truly British Product, 100% wool and woven in the UK using British Cheviot blend yarn with all finishing being completed by hand in Roger Oates Herefordshire headquarters.

Whilst all designs are supplied as runners, individual widths can be sewn together imperceptibly to create large pieces that can be fitted wall-to-wall on landings, giving further flexibility in how a space can be treated.

"Your eye can almost feel the texture in the weave before you reach out to touch it".

Perfectly Tailored Flooring

Text and images courtesy of Roger Oates