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Brintons make luxurious, wool-rich carpets for the home and is the perfect starting point. Once you've experienced the softness and warmth that Brintons carpet bring, you'll never look back - and we like to think that stylish good looks are all part of their package. Brintons manufacture two constructions - Wilton, which is great for textured plains, and Axminster which creates superior pattern definition. All Brinton carpets are made using 80 percent wool, 20 percent nylon blend so that softness with strength is guaranteed. The heavier the 'total pile weight' of the carpet, which refers to the amount of yarn used to make it, the more luxurious it is to the touch.

Brintons have been in the carpet business since 1783, pushing innovation and techniques, meaning that their carpets are both beautiful and hardwearing. No other floor covering feels as luxurious every day. Brintons are currently celebrating the beauty of carpet, the craftmanship, its sustainability and the power it has to transform a space. Their new collections include exciting vibrant patters, a huge statement of colours, plus fashion-inspired designs.
A personal favourite of The Polished Floor & Carpet Company is their Padstow collection and we cannot be without Bell Twist.

Brintons - making the world a more beautiful place.


Text and images courtesy of Brintons